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I’m constantly seeking motivated individuals with integrity to help share the knowledge of this company to help keep those around them up and running with technology.

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I provide a managed service, where with a low yearly or monthly fee, clients get a plethora of services. Take a look here for more info on my primary service. I also offer a wide range of other services, which can be seen here. My FAQ can be seen here.

Target audience would be any of the following:

  • Elderly people
  • Independent Contractors
  • Families
  • Users with at least one PC in the household
  • Small Businesses with no on staff IT
    • Who doesn’t need someone full time and are okay with repairs and maintenance being done in the evening.
  • Post on social media about the services*
    • You can make a decent amount of side money just for ranting and raving about me 🙂
    • All it would take is a few posts about my business in different groups once per day.
  • Share my posts*
    • You’re following my pages on Social Media, right? Share the posts!
  • Post on Craigslist for ads*
    • Keeping up with classified postings can be hard for me, I can use all the help I can get!
  • Tag me in any posts you see about computer questions.
  • Research companies and consumers for me to reach out to*
  • Let me provide a consult on your machine in trade for a real review!
  • Recommend me on your invoices to clients

For those consistently working. You get a choice of how you want to be paid.

  • Up to 20/hour plus commissions
  • Up to $0.50 per social media post (every 10 need to reach different audiences)*
    • Posts for tech must contain #ustechninja and #myaztech
    • Posts for photography must contain #azconceptphoto and #spyonaz
  • Up to $100/month*


  • $10-50 paid on Consumer Subscription Referrals
  • $1-10 paid for Consumer referrals
  • 10-15% paid on Business referrals
  • $10-30 paid on website hosting

You’re also contributing to helping out a small business! 🙂

  • You will get set up with a ustech.ninja email address
  • Free computer services for you and your family as well as up to 2 friends.
    • After first 2 referrals
  • Free 30 gigs of secure off site data backups to store precious data
  • Software discounts
  • Free web hosting

Every little bit helps. You can do as much or as little as you like. Even if all you do is share my posts! 

Terms: Items with an asterisk (*) are guaranteed payouts (social media pay option in the form above), and the amounts are at my discretion based on how much interaction I get off of such posts, posts must get some sort of recognition. Must allow me to do a consult on your PC/Mac and provide you some sort of service so that recommendations are real. Customers must pay full price, and can’t be budget seekers for you to get full payment. All referrals must be added to my CRM or provided Google Doc prior to sale to get credit. All email based communications must be via provided email. You must maintain activity on team chat as well. Hourly bonuses are limited to $100. If you’re producing, at my discretion I may raise this limit. I respect hard work and effort, so if you’re really trying and I can see that I’m not going to leave you hanging. Payouts will happen when referred totals reach $350 if you’re taking hourly. Otherwise, payouts happen after $100 worth of referrals.   Social Media post payments may be split up if posting a lot. Should you take longer than 90 days to provide 3 leads, you will forfeit money owed. By working with me, you agree that anything discussed is confidential indefinitely. Business may not be discussed with anyone else. By working with me you agree to recommend only my business for any services I offer. Computer support for you and your family/friends is limited to 1 hour per month of remote support at my discretion based on what you provide. This position for all intents and purposes is a contractor position. A 1099 may be required if payouts reach $600.  Further TOS can be seen here

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