Worry Free Support – What’s included

Get peace of mind and value for a little more than a dollar a day!

Automated Updates and Remote Monitoring*
We’ll monitor your computer on the backend for problems. We’ll automatically secure it for you!

Unlimited Email Support*
Got a question, don’t be a stranger, shoot a text or email and we’ll get back asap!

1 Hour Remote Support Per Month
We’ll remote into your computer and help get your issue solved.

Priority hours of support
Get support as late as 10pm! Get priority over hourly customers!

Bundled Streaming Service*
Get your favorite service included with the support plan at no cost.

Concierge Savings
Get savings on everyday purchases and answers to ANY question with our Concierge Service

Travel Management
Get discounts on flights and hotels. We can even check in for you and alert you of changes.

Discounts on in person support
Pay as low as 50/hour instead of our usual rates

Discounts on hours of remote support past the free hour
Pay up to 50% of my regular rates!

Email archiving*
Want to protect yourself against email deletion or storage issues? We can archive your emails on our servers securely.

Google for business*
Get unlimited drive storage, Google Email for your business, and many more Gsuite Features.

Personal Instruction and Tutoring
Got some things you want to learn about? We’ll write articles tailored for you and/or use your allotted time to go over anything you want to learn about.

Smartphone Support
Need help with your Android, iPhone or iPad? No Problem! Specialized setups for Android users!

Malware Protection
No more worrying about your antivirus protecting you. We’ll install our endpoint protection and monitor the alerts for you  – an optional add on – BitDefender GravityZone

Secure Data Backups
Protect your data with encrypted, offsite backups. Never lose another document.

3 Options:

  1. Data Backups (included)
  2. Data Backups with Archiving. Save the files for the long term even if you delete them! (Add $15/month)
  3. Data backups with Archiving and sharing. (Add $15/month)

Website Management
Got a website? We’ll maintain it for you. Updates, tweaks and more. We can even host it for you!

Password management assistance
Passwords can be hard to remember! We’ll make sure you’re secure and help save them!

Share your benefits
Share your hour per month and email support with up to 2 people!

Unused Hours Rollover *

Each month you don’t use your support, you get up to 25
minutes for each month services go unused!

Unused hours can also be utilized towards travel or computer upgrades. Each month you don’t contact us accrues up to $25 off your next vacation or upgrade. 

Discounts on Software
Don’t wanna pay full price? Don’t! We’ll find you software at a cheaper price.

Personal technology assistant.
Need us to do something technical for you? Certainly!

Virus / Hacker Protection
We’ll give you the skills to help avoid attacks as well as the software and service to support if attacks occur!

Email Organization
Inbox too cluttered? We can help!

Efficiency Checks
Are you as efficient as you can be? We can help!

Gmail Backups
Download and store all your Gmail emails in a restorable backup in the case of catastrophe.

High-grade network equipment to make your network better *
Don’t get stuck with low end equipment or overpriced consumer junk. We’ll set up high quality equipment to cover your entire house!

We can even monitor the network for intruders, bandwidth hogs and security issues.

Free Family Photography/yr
Once per year, you get a free 30 minute photo sitting via our partner!

Drone Imagery/mo*
Monthly, you get a drone imagery session at up to 75 percent off, either photo or video.

Photo retouching and editing
Got a photo you want edited? Send it over!

Theft Protection *
Laptop stolen? No problem, with our remote support software, we’ll help track it.

Discounts and payouts for referring new customers *
Save money each time you refer someone!


* High grade network equipment as far as the plan goes is the management and setup, the equipment itself is not included (if we do include the equipment, plan hours may be reduced to adjust for router cost). For each month you don’t contact us, you get up to 25 minutes towards any remote service we offer, up to 2 hours total. Computer upgrades must be equal to or less than hours not used and would require you come to us. Theft protection is not a guarantee of recovery. Drone imagery and Photography is billed for mileage and travel time, includes two web edited photos or one printable photo. Bundling service removes sharing and rollover hours. Unlimited Email support covers support requests taking less than 15 minutes each. Requests longer than 15 minutes each will count toward your included hour. Google My Business and Email archiving are upon request as an add on service. We reserve the right to limit services and bill additional hours worked at our standard rate for anything we consider excessive or abuse of service.