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How to take a Screenshot

On your Windows Computer: Hit the PrtScn button and the Snipping Tool should open up. Highlight the area you want to take a screen shot of, then select the appropriate option. Copy will allow you to paste into the body of an email (this is what you should do if replying with a screenshot) Save will allow you…

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Be efficient at getting help

Asking for help is easy, isn’t it? You just come out and say what you’re asking about, don’t you? Well yes and no. While this article is tailored to asking for technical help, some aspects may apply in other fields. Do your research. By this, I mean don’t aimlessly ask if you haven’t at least…

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The art of solving tech problems

Technology. It’s a wonderful piece of our lives. Though as long as humans create it, it’s never going to be perfect. We’ll always have blips, bugs and glitches in the matrix. Problems can occur out of the blue even if your tech has been working fine for a long time. This isn’t to say you…

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Dealing with Connection problems

The internet is a complicated beast. You have many layers of the puzzle. Sometimes one of those layers faults causing an error. These errors are unfortunately inevitable. Yup, I said it. You’re never going to get away from having some sort of error here and there. You can of course use the right mesh of…

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No, you don’t need a new computer

Let me repeat, you [probably] don’t need a new computer. I feel like the general consensus with consumers is that if their computer “crashes” that they need a new computer. Let me save you some money and tell you that 99.9% of the time that’s not the case. Great example. Back before USTech.Ninja, I was…

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Forget the Mesh Networks

Mesh networks, they’re the new fad in networking. You may have heard of some of the popular ones, such as Eero and Google Wifi. There are two major downsides to them. They lack customizability, and you’d rather have this and not need it than need it and not have it. They are also expensive. In…

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PRO Recommendation – Samsung SSD Pro

Known for performance and reliability. You can expect lots of time out of this SSD. Some tests have pushed this past 2 petabytes of writes. It’s also got a 10 year warranty!  Click Here to See it on Amazon 

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No, you do need assistance….

If you’re not a computer tech, techie or have a legitimate service taking care of your technology, chances are you have at least one thing that’s being done wrong, inefficiently or is insecure and open to attack. In a way, this is meant to scare you. Loss of important data can be heartwrenching and stressful.…

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3 Ways to Kill Business

Here are some common practices we see that aren’t good for business in the long run. Be bad at communication. This one is a major player. A surefire way to miss leads and potential clients is to not respond to all legitimate emails, texts or other forms of messaging you happen to be on. I’ve written…

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