Cutting the Cables!

Okay, so not all of the cables. I mean technically you need internet services. While cellular internet exists, I don’t recommend it as a primary source, so we’ll assume you’re keeping your home cable internet or fiber. Nope, I’m talking about canceling that expensive TV service with 900 channels you don’t watch. There are a …

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Upgrading Server OS on RunCloud

Upgrade all packages with sudo apt update && apt upgrade Upgrade the OS with sudo do–release–upgrade Let the upgrade finish Uncomment the lines with the repos for the following: /etc/apt/sources.list – deb [arch=amd64]  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/runcloud.list – deb [arch=amd64] bionic main Upgrade the runcloud agent sudo apt-get remove –purge runcloud-agent sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get …

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Punctuation and Reading for Details are Important!

Punctuation can mean very different things. Such as known examples: Let’s eat, grandma! Let’s eat grandma! In the case of company names. We see some common confusions between different companies with different names. US Tech Support Solutions, LLC Website: (you’re on it!) Where we’re Based: Phoenix, AZ What we do: Business and Consumer Managed …

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