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Terms of Services and Hiring

By using the services of US Tech Support Solutions, LLC, you understand the services are sold as is and you understand you waive us or any affiliates or techs free of any and all liability and you waive any right to legal action

  • Your satisfaction is important. I will attempt to stay within your budget best I can, sometimes that will come with sacrifices and workarounds. Unfortunately, I’m not a Wizard, I can’t wave a wand and instantly fix problems. You agree to maintain patience and attempt to move forward in the tech world. I will do anything in my power to make sure you have a pleasant support experience. However, should work be performed after the fact or for free after a paid service, I reserve the right to stop assisting at any point. You understand that my attempting to help is not required under the originally paid service, it is done in good faith in an effort to assist. Service comes with no warranty.
  • Slander. By hiring, contacting or working with me in any way you agree not to slander me or my business in any way.
  • Payments may be in the form of cash, credit or debit (processing fees may apply). Payments are due at time of service unless otherwise stated. Payment plans are available to fit your budget. Payments must be on time. Failure to be on time will be considered non-payment.
  • Support plan default recurring timeframe (billing cycle) is 24 months. This means when you initially purchase a support plan your contract must bill for 2 cycles prior to being able to cancel. After the initial 24 months, it drops down to a 12-month timeframe. Opting in for any support plans or any services I offer automatically puts you in this timeframe. You will be responsible for at minimum two years unless specified otherwise in writing. The contract auto-renews yearly unless you cancel.
  • Credit card information. For any services I provide, you pre-authorize me to store your credit card information and charge when necessary.
  • Free/Complimentary Computer Consultation covers a basic check whether maintenance (cache clean [larger than 2 gigs], malware/spyware/potentially unwanted programs, defrag, security updates, windows updates, fix memory leaks, etc) needs to be performed. If any maintenance needs to be performed it will be done so unless you specify before I remote in and you will be responsible for paying for the service.
  • Rates: Current rates can be seen here. Plus $0.75 per mile round trip from 85020 minus 5 miles. Should flat rates be given for any service, they will be subject to change when work gets started depending on the time it takes to fix your problem. I reserve the right to deny an hourly rate and charge you for a technical support plan at my discretion.
  • Computer Monitoring and Crash Prevention I cannot GUARANTEE that your product/computer will not crash, but I will do my best to prevent it.
  • Recurring Maintenance, Worry Free, Basic plans ($10-35/month or $300-400/year) covers defrags, disk checks, simple virus and spyware removal, and tasks that can be handled remotely. Should you have a problem that requires more than an hour of work (or requires me to drive to your location), you will be charged a discounted rate off of our usual rates, see above. You may be charged for the cost of the anti-virus product that is used. Purposely or accidentally disabling safeguards such as anti-virus or system modifications (but not limited to) may be, at my discretion an abuse of the service and I reserve the right to charge for any fixes related to such recklessness. Phone calls may be counted towards your monthly hour.
  • SMS support may be reverted to email depending on my current workload. What this means is that if I’m busy at the time you text me, or your issue is potentially complex, I may ask you to submit a ticket via email.
  • Virus Removal Flat Rates only cover the removal of the virus causing your stated issue. No other problems will be addressed by default. You may be charged for the cost of the anti-virus product that is used. Rate is subject to change mid job without notice if completion takes more than 2 hours.
  • Constant Computer Monitoring and Crash Prevention (Business Tier Services) ($60-150/month) covers the same as Monthly Maintenance with up to 6 hours per month of remote support and 1 hour of in person support. There is no guarantee that I can prevent your computer from crashing, however, with this level, I will do monthly or weekly checks on the status of your computer backing up if you opt into backup services.
  • Any recurring or managed services you purchase give me exclusivity to being your tech. No one else may work on your computer in a technical position without my prior written consent
  • Pricing is per computer unless stated otherwise.
  • ScreenConnect or other Remote Software allows me access to remote into your computer so I can assist in the future without any action on your part. On any support call, I automatically install this unless told otherwise. As this can help resolve any future issues in a fraction of the time. If payment is not taken at the time of the service, remote software is a requirement to ensure payment is met and contracts are not breached. By using my services, you allow me to monitor your computer for viruses, spyware, disk problems and the like. Removing any remote program is prohibited during any support plan timeframe. I reserve the right to charge a fee for removed remote software during a support plan.
  • Your Privacy is respected, and your personal data is not shared. All your information is confidential and secure. Data may be stored on third party websites. You consent to giving me access to install, remove, modify or access your computer for maintenance, but not limited to, purposes. If your email was set up or secured by me, I reserve the right to access your account from time to time to check security and/or assist with organization if necessary.
  • Cookies are used on this site to remember when to show popups.
  • Allotted times for monthly packages are billed in 15-minute increments.
  • Backups are automated by a third party and are stored on secure servers using up to 256 bit encryption. I do not store your data personally nor can I guarantee that data will be always recoverable. All backup accounts will be owned by us/me. Attempting to access backups by circumventing me is prohibited. Prices are subject to change without notice. I reserve the right to charge a fee to restore large amounts of data.
  • Accounts provided to you are owned by me unless stated otherwise.
  • Turnaround time guarantees, should they not be able to be met, you will get 15 minutes toward another service for each time I am unable to meet any guaranteed service. Sickness, technological failure, natural disasters, injury and the like emergencies void the guarantee.
  • Admin Abilities may be removed for asset/software protection.
  • Hours of availability for remote, in person or phone calls are M-F 6pm-11pm, Sat and Sun 9am-11pm. Email and SMS will still be answered during these hours.
  • Equipment sold, financed and trial periods come with no support until equipment or support plan is purchased. A refundable deposit (should you decide not to keep it) will be required for equipment on loan, financed or during free trial period and your credit card must stay up to date the entire time the equipment is in your possession. Failed payments may result in an immediate charge for full price of the equipment plus hourly as well as remote deactivation. Should equipment be returned, it must be returned with all original accessories and in the new condition it was received. Mileage and additional fees may be assessed for initial setup or equipment pickup should time costing circumstances arise. Should you not cancel the free trial (within 24 hours of it ending) and arrange a pickup or dropoff (within 48 hours of cancelling) you will be charged for the equipment and setup. Network remote management may be enabled on equipment for troubleshooting. Standard pricing on network equipment is $270/year for two years.
  • Editing is done to my specifications first, then yours. As you are hiring me for my creativity, I reserve the right to override specific edit requests. Composition of the photos on my site is how yours will be edited. I do not edit for any specific print sizes by default, but can frame (edit for a specific size) photos for an additional cost. Please note, photos may include a border in order to keep aspect ratios.
  • Cancellations: Must be submitted in writing to support@ustech.ninja, any other cancellations will not be considered valid. You can cancel after your initial plan has run for 90 days, as long as your next billing cycle isn’t within 30 days. Should you cancel services, you will lose access to any backups taken (and will not be able to restore from said backups), websites hosted or networks managed. Once canceled, I reserve the right to delete and/or remove any and all backups taken within any amount of time.
  • Trial Periods also known as Support For a Dollar must be canceled via the same email above though at least 72 hours prior to the term coming to an end. You MUST let the trial run halfway through, in order to prevent abuse of my service, before a cancellation is allowed. Unless otherwise stated. Trial periods default to billing for our worry-free plan at $381.60/year. If you do not cancel your trial, or you go over your data limit, you will be charged this price (and enter into a recurring Subscription service for the Default timeframe, see above point) unless otherwise stated. During the trial periods, data backups are limited to 30gb, and may not include encryption by default. Remote services are limited to 30 minutes as a threat consult. Support will be provided for the entire duration via our support system or chat.
  • Automated billing – By working with me, hiring me, scheduling with me, or entering in any yearly, monthly, daily term; you agree to allow me to save your credit card number and charge when necessary. Necessary would be such items as recurring billing periods for ongoing support services, automatic retrieval of money owed for nonpayment on invoices, money owed for equipment not returned, or ended trial periods where billing kicked in. This is not an all exhaustive list, and you pre-authorize said charges.
  • Password Management – If you opt into letting me manage your passwords, I reserve the right to decrease your amount of support per year in place of supporting password management. By opting into this service, you accept any and all risks of allowing me to see your passwords. I will respect your privacy, but you agree not to hold me liable for anything to do with your accounts.
  • Catastrophic Events – I may or may not be available in the event of a total failure of you equipment. There is no guarantee I’ll be available at that moment, and you may still need to schedule a later time for me to assist with it.
  • Cancellations of services in which a deposit was required or received is not allowed. Cancellations will forfeit your deposit.
  • Reschedules are limited to 1. You must reschedule 48 hours ahead of time.
  • Prepaid for a full year does not require a paypal account, but you will be responsible for keeping up with payments after the initial year.
  • Outsourcing may be done to meet your needs and budget.
  • Non-Payment or hostility, We reserve the right to remotely lock your computer until debts are met. Should no response be received within 3 days, you authorize us to wipe your data. Should I maintain your website, I reserve the right to lock out all accounts, business emails and claim them until payment is met. Should payment be unable to be collected, at our discretion, your owed amount triples and you become liable for owed amount plus any fees related to obtaining. You authorize us to use any means necessary to retrieve necessary payment.
  • Testimonials must be written for any service performed positively.
  • Transportation costs may be evaluated at $1.50/mile if your area is beyond 8 miles of 85020.
  • Discounts may be offered for referrals, or repeat clientèle. Discounts or altered terms must be taken advantage of immediately to be honored.
  • Referrals, you must be part of our referral program to receive commissions for referrals. All referrals must put your name in the specificed form field when scheduling.
  • Refunds are not available for time spent troubleshooting. All sales final.
  • Transfers from computer to computer are available at my discretion.
  • Partnership Chat comes with no warranty or guarantee. Sharing the direct signup link is strictly prohibited. You will be auto-charged up to $300 with no warning for sharing the sign-up link.
  • Business Partnership Plans include no guarantees. The services provided on trade are at the discretion of us. Partnership plans are defaulted to one year contracts unless stated otherwise. During this time, you must publicly state you are in partnership with US Tech Support Solutions, LLC and link back to our homepage on any online medium you are recommending us. For referral level customers, should you fail to provide the minimum number of paying referrals, you will be charged for either service rendered at our standard hourly rate or if no services have been rendered at the current month, you will be charged at our current monthly rate of $40/month.
  • Hosting any website or files comes with no warranty or liability. I am not liable for your files. I reserve the right to deny access for any reason to files on any server in my control or name. If you don’t pay for any sort of monthly maintenance, there will be a fee for me accessing or changing your website. If you are paying up front for hosting, there are no cancellations or refunds. There may be a fee to download your files depending on the hosting level, at my discretion. If you maintain your own site, you must adhere to the terms of service seen here as well. I reserve the right to access and change your files for, but not limited to, security and maintenance. I am not responsible for monitoring your site unless specifically specified otherwise in writing. Should your site exceed bandwidth, pose a potential security threat, or otherwise be out of the scope of other hosted sites, I reserve the right to alter, change, or otherwise add-on fees to hosting for additional premium services without notice or authorization.
  • Background tests on any computer with my software may be run from time to time. data may be altered in the process. Should I find anything of concern, I will send a chat to you.
  • Web Design once a website has been approved for final upload, should any changes be required, you may be charged for such changes unless you have my web maintenance package. If work takes more than initially charged for, I reserve the right to charge for extra hours worked. The cost of the template is not included in the price of design unless explicitly stated. Search Engine Optimization is not guaranteed, I cannot guarantee your spot on Google or other search engines. I reserve the right to add myself as the web developer in the footer and backlink to my site. During the time my work is used, or any site I helped work on, this link must stay live, even after my services are no longer rendered. You agree not to remove or tamper with said links.
  • Website Modifications as part of my monthly service may not be modifications that take any more than 10 minutes to complete. Should you need changes that require more time, it may be counted as more than one of your allotted modifications, or you may be billed for the change.
  • Monthly Plans that don’t state time limitations are subject to a maximum amount of work of 2 hours per month.
  • Timely responses are required for all business communications. Payments for future work expire 1 month from payment date. This means if you pay me for a service and never give me the material needed to complete the work you forfeit your payment. Failure to respond to email, text, or other message within 24 hours will be considered abuse of my service and may be considered non-payment. You agree to be timely.
  • Standards and recommendations, by default, unless specified ahead of time, any and all changes to your device(s)/equipment will be done to my standards and my recommendations will automatically be enacted.
  • Your email may be used on a technology/photo emailer once in a while. You consent to this. You can unsubscribe after the first email.
  • Rollover time is only valid if you maintain a paid service contract and expires one year after obtaining it. Maximum time is 2 hours. You get 15-25 (depending on which service you use it for) minutes per every month where no support is used. Valid only on remote service or service where you come to us.
  • Sharing your service plan is allowed on any plan costing more than $300/year. Shared services are limited to Email support and remote support. Time goes against your allotted time. In person fees will be discounted for the first hour. Backups are $80/year for each shared computer.
  • Vulnerability Testing, by communicating with me you authorize me to do basic vulnerability scans on your website, router, email and computer.
  • Notifications and Chats may be sent to your computer to update you about discounts, system problems and updates.
  • Products not Supported, while I will do my best to support anything and everything there are always those few problem programs and services, commonly Internet Explorer and ISP Mail Services. I reserve the right to stop supporting any program or service at any time for any reason.
  • Affiliate Links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
  • Your Responsibility is to keep your card updated on PayPal or notify me of card changes and to respond to invoices by the due date. Please make sure to keep your renewal date on your calendar as I don’t provide reminders for renewal.

Any Reference to we, us, me, or similar in these terms refers to US Tech Support Solutions, LLC., Joseph L Greenbaum, DBA AZConceptPhoto.com or affiliated.

All terms are in effect unless stated otherwise. IE. in an email, etc.

Violation of terms holds a maximum penalty of $10,000 plus any other damages.

Photography terms can be seen by clicking here.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

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