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Having computer problems and questions and being frustrated is no fun!

Guess what? You don’t have to keep that frustration with our Worry Free technical support.

Don’t be unprepared, tearing your hair out! Reach out now for a consult! Even if you’re not having a problem, being proactive saves! Fast responses guaranteed!


Here’s what’s included with our Worry Free support:

  •  Unlimited Text / Email Support
  •  1 Hour Remote Support Per Month
  • Email archiving
  • Google for business*
  • Personal Instruction and Tutoring
  • Smartphone Support
  • Malware Protection
  • Secure Data Backups
  • Website Maintenance
  • Password management *
  • Shareable benefits
  • Managed Secure Data Backups
  • Free computer upgrades*
  • Unused Hours Rollover *
  • Discounts on Software
  • Personal technology assistant.
  • Virus / Hacker Protection
  • Email Organization
  • Efficiency Checks
  • Gmail Backups
  • High-grade network equipment to make your network better *
  • Discounts on Home Network setups
  • Home Network Management
  • Free Family Photography/yr
  • Photo retouching and editing
  • Theft Protection *
  • Discounts on in person support
  • Discounts on over hours of remote support
  • Priority hours of support
  • Discounts and payouts for referring new customers

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* Password management is an additional $8/month or will remove rollover hours. High grade network equipment requires a minimum of a 3 year contract with an additional $30 the first year. For each month you don’t contact me, you get 25 minutes towards any service I offer, up to 2 hours. Computer upgrades must be equal to or less than hours not used and would require you come to me. Google Apps is optional, requires an additional 50 for the first year,  and if opted in takes place of rollover. Network equipment with Google Apps requires a 5 year contract. Contract lengths can be shortened by increasing yearly payment.

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