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Do NOT wait until you have a problem

I can’t stress enough to be prepared. Don’t wait until you’re stressed out and needing help to ask for help. Here are a couple tidbits to save you some trouble in the future.

  • Learn the right way to do things.
    • Even if you’ve been doing something for years and it’s worked, that doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way or correct way to do it. 
  • Just because it works today, doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow
    • Technology is just as fragile as human life. Prone to problems at any moment. 
  • Keep up to date!
    • More than once I’ve seen users decades behind and due to this, unable to run current software, perform duties effectively, add cost or stress. 
    • Software updates are important, keep up on them! Don’t ignore windows updates, mac updates or your phone updates. They’re there for a reason. 
  • Know the Technology you work with on a day to day. 
    • There’s plenty of training out there for pretty much anything you use. If all else fails, I’m more than happy to help train! 
  • Not being prepared can be costly.
    • Not only could you lose precious time, but it could also cost you money!
    • Just like you don’t want to skip out on doctor checkups, you don’t want to be left unprepared for a potential disaster with your computer.
  • Don’t skimp when it comes to your comfort, business, efficiency, whatever it may be.
    • Think 1 year ahead. Think 3 years ahead. Think 5 years ahead. Is what you’re doing, learning or purchasing going to help or last? 
  • You really do have to spend to make money. Though not necessarily money.
    • Good Equipment, Good Advice, Good connections all come at a price. Sometimes you need to take the extra time or spend the extra dollar.
    • Don’t settle with good enough.
  • Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
    • Just like someone who is prone to anaphylactic shock will always want an Epi-Pen around, you should often opt for something that has more capabilities even if you don’t use them now. As you may regret it down the road. 
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