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A Techie Solution to Traffic

Tetris. Traffic is like Tetris. Be in the correct spot for optimal efficiency.

No one likes sitting in traffic or dealing with it. This is exactly the reason more people need to pay attention to the common courtesies of the road. The idea of using the left lane as a fast lane would help subside traffic 99% of the time.  If you can fit in the right lane and drive in essentially the same place, why not? This allows cars who want to go faster than you to pass on the left.

Next time you’re on the road, look ahead. You’re guaranteed to see it. One person in the left lane not leaving room to pass by  them, blocking the flow with plenty of room ahead of them.

Common arguments

I’m going the speed limit – You may be, but is the flow of traffic going the speed limit? And that’s more of a reason to be in the right lane. Commonly, the flow of traffic may be around 9-12 over.

That guy/girl shouldn’t be speeding – It’s not your place or your job to stop this. And much of the time, slow drivers being in the wrong lane are the cause of accidents and road rage.

I have to turn left – Unless you’re turning left in 1000 feet, right lane.

Why gun it from light to light? What good did getting in front of that one car do? – The reason most of us will try to get in front of that one car is because that one car can be the difference between hitting 10 lights or smooth sailing.

Bottom Line

Pay Attention. Stay out of the left lane unless you’re passing. If someone flashes their highs or honks at you, move over.


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