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Recommended upgrades and equipment for everyone.

Technology can sometimes be a pain. Though having the right equipment can certainly make all the difference. Not to say that the equipment on this list will be perfect, but it’s a step towards something better! Make the Computer Faster – Solid State Drive An SSD is a non-moving hard drive, the piece of equipment…

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Get your SSD installed FREE

During the remaining time in 2017, I want to help you get off your slow mechanical hard drive and possibly quadruple the speed of your computer. Purchase a Samsung SSD from us and get 2 hours free of install and a bonus month of data backup. Purchase an SSD yourself, and get 1 free hour…

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Product Recommendation – Samsung Bar USB 3.0 Drive

For a while, at work (my day job) we were using CD’s and USB hard drives to do all our imaging. Eventually we made the switch to using single 128 gb Samsung Bar 3.0 drives to hold everything. Our boot disk and all the WIMS. Anyway, all that aside, these drives are sturdy (if you buy…

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Now taking on Partners to expand client base

In an effort to help out a little bit more. I’ve created a Partnership Tech Support Plan to add customer support to your customers. It’s still a work in progress, but the goal will be to provide YOU and YOUR clients with cheap and/or free technical support. Most, if not all, of your clients are…

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5 Ways a Smart Watch Can Help

The Smart Watch industry has started booming. They give you a quick way to receive information without having to pull out your phone. Here are a couple ways they can help you.  Reduces the risk of missing important calls, texts or emails. – Smartwatches most useful feature is the ability to notify you by vibrating your wrist.…

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Handy things to know about your smartphone.

I see a lot of people with smartphones, who are either afraid of them or don’t know how to use them. Here’s a quick few things that might help you along the way. #1 Don’t be afraid of your smartphone! You’re not going break it by playing with it :). Modern phones won’t let you mess…

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