A note before you read this!

If my standard rates are outside your budget, don’t let that stop us from working together. I can provide flat rate quotes to stay within your budget. My end goal is to see you up, running and as satisfied as possible! 

Standard Rates

Remote/Phone Support: 100/hour
In Person Support: 150/hour (limited to 2 hours)*

Support Plan Rates

Remote/Phone Support: FREE (one hour per month). After the first hour. $50-75/hour
In Person Support: $75-100/hour

Want to see more detail on how you can save money on a support plan? Click here.

Need something less? Reach out. Plans as low as $75/year!

Why do you limit your hours? *


I limit the time to prevent either myself or the client from being burned out in the time it takes to perform the service. Plus, I understand that 150/hour is a lot to pay. After 2 hours. I’ll switch to a discounted rate and enroll you under our basic support plan to offer you continued support without breaking the bank.

Mileage may be billed at 81 cents per mile (plus $20/10 min traffic) round trip for any location further than 10 miles round trip from 85018.

Phone support or remote support requested outside business hours will be billed at $100/hr.

Prices above/below are prior to processing fees of 6-8%.

My FAQ can be seen here too.