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Failure is Not Brand Specific

So you got something new. You want to enjoy it, but something goes wrong. What are you to do?

Well before I start, I want to point you to my article about the instability of technology. You can click here to read it. Okay, you haven’t read it yet, have you? No worries, I’ll continue anyway. If you have, high five, you’re a 1%er.

Let’s take this for example. You look on Amazon for anything technology related, and the reviews are all over the board. Some are good, some are bad, some fail, some don’t, some fail more than others, some reviews are based because the person couldn’t figure out how to use the product.

So since this is a tech site, I’m going to use computers as an example. Dell and Apple are two very well known, and high reliability proven brands. Yet I can speak first hand that they do in fact fail early. They also last a REALLY long time without problems. It goes both ways. My new Macbook had a full battery failure 1 week in. I’ve also seen multiple business grade Dell laptops fail pretty close to out of the box. Though at the same time, my iMac ran for about 9 years, hardly ever being turned off and I had a Dell desktop run for about 10 years, that probably still would run if I still had it.

My point is that failure isn’t brand specific. Everything fails. Everything has problems. Whether it’s technology or humans. Just because you buy something brand new, there’s no guarantee it’s going to work without problem. No matter what brand it is. Don’t hate on a brand because of a few bad eggs.

As a side reference for brand Favorites. Mine are as follows:

  • Apple (because OSX)
  • Dell (love the customer service)
  • Lenovo (great, but commonly fail outside of warranty in my experience)
  • Acer (For the low end price, no complaints)
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