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As a bonus. I’ll allow you to add 3 friends or family to your plan to share the wealth!

Your data is precious. Which is why it should be backed up and maintained accordingly.

This technical support plan will get you set up with fully automated secure offsite backups as well as tons of extras.

Each month you get the following:

  • Offsite, secure, encrypted, automatic data backups
  •  One hour of remote support monthly to use for any of your computers on the plan.
    If it’s not used, each month gives you 25 minutes towards another service up to a full two hours
  •  Unlimited Text, Email, and Chat support
  • Peace of Mind to know your computer is taken care of in the event of an emergency.
  • Discounts on Software. Access to a personal technology assistant.
  • Virus Protection and Hacker Protection
  • Custom instructions for anything you would like to learn how to do.
  • Email Organization and Efficiency Checks
  • Plus MORE! Updated list can be seen by clicking 

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Trial periods are limited to 30 gigs of data backed up and a 30 minute remote consult. Question and Answer support is only available via Provided Chat or email during the trial. Overages will automatically charge you for our worry free plan, at $381/year.

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Our goal is to see you happy!
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